5 Islands Exhibition till April 2017 at Archipelago Centre Korpostrom!


15.10.2016 – 17.4.2017 Five Islands Exhibition

5 Islands is an exhibition of five artists from five different countries in the Korpoström Archipelago Center’s gallery over the course of the winter, the first time that work will be up over this time period. The artists met while they were at the AARK residency in the old ferryman’s building on Korpo during June, 2015. Over Midsummer and the waning days of the AARK residency, the artists discussed about what they will take with them after they were gone from Korpo. While the works on view have been created after the residency, they retain the spirit of this special place.

Their time as five artists on one island has transitioned back to the coasts of five separate islands. The artists are now separated, but often coming back to the water’s edge to glimpse pieces of each other’s coasts. It is done in different mediums and with differing intentions, but is done with a shared feeling of lightness and darkness and the time in between. Across each of their projects, the artists are searching for the familiarity of the golden sunlight of the archipelago that they shared on Korpo, grasping those fleeting rays of light that still shine on their 5 islands.

5 Islands 
Skärgårdscentrum Korpoström

Beata Szparakowska (POL), Lori Hepner (USA), Melodie Reay (CAN), Mark Nixon (UK) and Viliina Koivisto (FIN)



step inside skin: NEON’s inhabitable sculpture made from 1800 pairs of tights

Wepbage created by Ubuntu Productions (Korpo)
Most of the pictures by Renja Leino  |  Drone and pictures of the studios by Ubuntu Productions (Korpo)