Application DL 20.1. for 2020

  • (After this application round you can apply any time)
The ferry between Nauvo – Korpo. You can see AARK on the right.
The ferry between Nauvo – Korpo. You can see AARK on the top right corner.

Selection procedure by a small team.

Digital application with all materials: 

Founder and director, artist Renja Leino will be answering you asap!

  • A short motivation letter, why do you want to have a residency in AARK?
  • timetable, when do you wish to come. 1, 2 or 3 full calender months. Even 2 weeks possible depending on timing.
  • add your www   ( or low PDF of recent works, exhibitions views.)
  • CV including year of birth, gender and nationality (passport)
  • SPACE: 
  • 2 Seaside apartments with  2 separate bedrooms, with a shared live/work space,
  • Single Studio 56m2 aery space w studio / open bedroom, kitchen
  • Retro Studio 56m2 with Studio,separate bedroom with door
  • Important: Please indicate if you are willing to share the apartment with persons of the opposite sex. Separate bedrooms.
  • Artist families can apply!
  • Be aware that a confirmation payment shall be paid soon after approval. 150€.