In retrospect

Susann Rittermann
Susann Rittermann is an experienced painter and textile aritist based in the Netherlands whose works have been exhibited in Japan, France, and Germany. She believes that art can save a moment from the flow of time. In her creative process, Rittermann valorizes textures and often superimposes colors in multiple layers. She primarily employs oils on canvas.

In retrospect, I would say that my theme at Korpo was to search for traces, find them and make them visible.

Although my residency was only four weeks, it was a very productive time for me. AARK acted as a catalyst for me.

Painter Susann Rittermann in front of her paintings in AARK studio

Photo by Renja Leino

Painter Susann Rittermann in front of her paintings in AARK studio

Photo by Renja Leino

Maybe because AARK is a building with a working-class history. A former flat block for ferry workers.

As if coming home from hard work and leaving in the morning was still stuck in the walls. The name "Retro" Studio does not describe all the layers and traces.

I liked the pink kitchen table (from Benkku's parents). Everything looked cheerful on it. Along with burgundy armchairs and green built-in cupboards, exactly the colours I encountered outside in the forest. The colours in general. What a rush and they change with every incidence of light.

Actually I only wanted to paint.

But then there was more than just colours. I began to see layers and layers: jagged and abraded. Rough backs.

A piece of wallpaper in the rubbish container caught my eye and I had found the material that  triggered me. Almost a kind of souvenir. Cracks, stains and holes are witnesses of time and become a map or diary. Six layers of wallpaper in one piece. Although their patterns are different they are connected. The layers cross each other and create new patterns. The wallpaper was worn off during the renovation of the other studios.

From the remains of the old kitchen cabinets, drawer rails I built frames and re-stretched the wallpaper.

The frames I have hung on the original wallpaper. Reconnected

I enjoyed meeting Renja, Benkku,Pia, Mariel, Marius, Saara, Tati and Tanya and I am grateful for the moments we shared. AARK is a special place just like the people you meet there. That alone is a reason to come back.

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Most of the pictures by Renja Leino  |  Drone and pictures of the studios by Ubuntu Productions (Korpo)