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Address: Saaristotie 5891, 21710 Korppoo Finland
Korpo is an island in the middle of the Turku Archipelago, located in S/W of Finland behind 2 ferries and about 1.45 hours by bus from Turku.

The AARK (Archipelago Art Residency in Korpo) is located right by the sea in a small apartment building from the sixties. It is close to the ferry that operates between the islands Korpo and Nauvo and is easily accessible by public transport. 

In the other shore, you can see Nauvo and the harbour from where M/S Baldur leaves to the islands in the outer archipelago (Nötö, Aspö, Jurmo & Utö). In the summertime, there is also a small shop and restaurant.

The residency is 10 km away from Korpo church village and 13 km from Nagu church village (+ferry). There is a bus stop just outside the residency building.

Brief description of residency program

We are looking for professional contemporary artists/art professionals from all disciplines for whom nature and the surrounding seaside could be an interesting theme to work on. We offer a space to think and time to develop a new idea – or to continue on a work in progress.

Our environment is a unique archipelago. With the National Parks and the Archipelago Sea Biosphere Reserve, frozen seas, light summer nights, rich birdlife as well as amazing star nights – this place has something to offer around the year: Outer archipelago or the nearby wild forest lake, the seaside is straight outside AARK, passing ships.

AARK can offer a quiet retreat as well as a more social setting depending on the artist’s needs and other art professionals visiting. We organize a weekly informal meeting in the residency. Travel and working plans, questions, dinners and sauna … or just some coffee together.

Our location is by the ferry shore and a small boats dock so there is always some traffic and people around. But at the same time, the house and the archipelago can be very silent during winter months, a perfect environment to focus on your practice.

We encourage a dialog inside AARK, between both national and international quests and a dialog with local people and the environment.
Address: Saaristotie 5891, 21710 Korppoo Finland
General info
  • AARK is located on Korpo Island in South-West Finland.
  • The closest airport is Turku's airport, but it is quite a small one. The main airport is the one in Vantaa (Helsinki Airport).
  • You can travel between Helsinki and Turku by bus [here] and by train [here]
  • You can travel between Turku and Korpo by a bus operated by Saaristobussi [here] or [here]
  • You can arrive at Turku by boat from Stockholm.
  • You can also arrive in Korpo (Galtby harbour) by a ferry coming from Åland islands operated by Ålandstrafiken. The line name is The southern line (Södra linjen), you can find the timetables [here]
  • By bus from Turku
    • The best way to arrive from Turku is by bus. You can buy the ticket on the bus itself and the driver accepts card payments. The line is operated by Saaristobussi and the easiest way to start your trip is from the Central Bus Stop. You can check the timetables in Seutu+ [link]
    • You need to purchase your ticket with the destination Korpo/Korpo, Retais Lauutaranta (Retais ferry pier stop). Once there you will see the AARK building on the Right side of the road.
    • The bus goes over the ferries (Pargas-Nagu and Nagu-Korpo) with no extra fee.
    By car
  • AARK residency is located in Korpo/Korppoo in the South-West Finland.
  • Drive on the road 180 to Korpo, over 2 ferries (free of charge). Straight after the 2nd ferry, you will see AARK on the right side. Be aware that in the summertime and Fridays the traffic can cause that you have to wait to get a ferry.
  • By train
  • There are trains going from many places in Finland to Turku, but most of you will probably have to travel between Helsinki Airport and Turku [link]
  • The Turku Railway Station is 1km away from the Central Bus Station, where you will take a bus from Turku to Korpo.
  • By plane

    Turku Airport

    • Bus line 1 serves the connection between the airport and the Turku city centre. It is operated by Föli [here]
    • See the instructions above to arrive to Korpo by bus.

    Helsinki Airport

    • From Helsinki Airport (Vantaa Airport) you can take a bus straight to Turku. Check the timetables [here]
    • You can also take a train from the airport to the Central Ralway Station and there take a train from Helsinki to Turku [here]
    AARK and the ferry Nagu-Korpo

    Spaces and 2023 fees

    The whole former ferry staff family house is now AARK residency. We have four airy-single and one double studios/apartments. The whole house can be used for bigger groups of art professionals.
    Forest Sea studio
    • 56m2: own kitchen and toilet with shower.
    • The bedroom is separated from the main area, but there is no door in between: open plan.
    • Ideal for 1-2 artist who wants more privacy
    • 620€/ person 1 month (+270 additional person)
    Sailor's studio
    • 56m2: own kitchen and toilet with shower.
    • The bedroom is separated from the main area, but there is no door in between: open plan.
    • Ideal for 1-2 artist who wants more privacy
    • 620€/ person 1 month (+270 additional person)
    North Sea studio
    • 56m2: own kitchen and toilet with shower.
    • The bedroom is separated from the main area, but there is no door in between: open plan.
    • Ideal for 1-2 artist who wants more privacy
    • 620€/ person 1 month (+270 additional person)
    • New space, more images coming soon.
    Retro studio
    • 56m2: own kitchen and toilet with shower.
    • The bedroom is separated from the main area, but there is no door in between: open plan.
    • Ideal for 1-2 artist who wants more privacy
    • 620€/ person 1 month (+270 additional person)
    SeaSide apartment
    • 72m2 / 2 bedrooms, kitchen, wc/shower, live-work living room.
    • Normally, an artist duo share this apartment. Also good for a family.
    • 620€/ person/month (please ask for family fee)
    • There is a sauna and laundry room in the same building.

    • All windows on the seaside apartments have sea view where you can see the sea route, cargo ships cross year-round. You will see the yellow ferry 24/7.

    • There is A 30m2 rough basement studio for whatever use.

    • The artist's families are also welcome! Ask for more info.


    • You can apply for the residency any time.
    • We also do open calls 2-3 times a year.
    • To apply, prepare your files and send us the following information by filling the formulary bellow:
      • Link to your webpage or low-resolution PDF
      • CV including the year of birth, nationality and home address.
      • Intended time for the residency. Please notice that we normally work in full calendar months with residencies of between 1 to 3 months (exceptionally we can consider residencies of 1 or 2 weeks).
      • Motivation letter about your expectations for the residency.

    Quite simple ah! Apply now.

    Please be aware that a 150€ confirmation payment shall be paid soon after approval.

    Application Form


    The application formulary is not available for phone. Please check this page in a big tablet or a computer in order to do the application. Thanks!
    The AARK Archipelago Art Residency in Korpo is surrounded bu Nature. We encourage you to stablish a personal and respectful relationship with Nature. The forest is all around and the residency building is just a few meters away from the sea. In Finland exists the Everyman’s Right meaning that "all people whether residing in Finland or just visiting have the right to enjoy nature anywhere in the Finnish countryside regardless of land ownership", but this unique right has also some limitations that we recommend to read [here]

    Beware of steep cliffs, which can be very slippery. Always keep your cell phone with you; it is a large island and it is good practice to keep in touch with friends or family daily and let people know where you are heading. If you stumble and get unconscious in the forest, it might otherwise be too late when people start missing you.

    In the middle of the winter the sea might freeze but never walk on the ice! Around the residency is specially dangerous because of the ship route. If you want to experience the sensation ask locals about where is safe to do it  and NEVER do it alone. 

    Weather Conditions and Clothing

    The climate in the archipelago is rather mild by Nordic standards. As the sea keeps the local climate warmer, the temperatures do not usually go much below the freezing point until the sea freezes, which will usually happen sometime after New Year. In the autumn period some humidity, rain and occasional storms can be expected, but also many crystal clear late autumn days with temperatures between 0 and 10 degrees celcius. In the winter the temperature is commonly between 0 and minus 10 degrees, but can occasionally go as low as minus 25. The spring begins in late March – early April with temperatures rapidly climbing above zero and the transition to a green summery landscape happening in the middle of May.

    About clothing: It’s good to have lots of warm and waterproof stuff just in case. Though you might find yourself hiking only with a t-shirt on some sunny autumn day, the next day might bring chilling wind and rain. A windproof and preferably waterproof (goretex etc) jacket is a necessity in the autumn and spring period and a heavier jacket during the winter. Trousers from a similar material would also be recommended as well as a woollen sweater plus a cap and gloves. You’ll also need some kind of hiking or rubber boots with insulation according to the season.

    A good online service for checking out the local weather can be found [here]

    Rules and limitations

    There are some limitations as to what you are allowed to do. You are free to explore the island, under the following restrictions:

    • It is forbidden to make campfires, the only area where fire is allowed is in the residency fireplace on the yard. If you are going to make a fire, please check the fire warnings in our area [here] and NEVER make the fire if a fire warning is active. The best recommendation is to ask Renja or Benkku about it. 
    • Do not disturb or feed livestock.
    • No uprooting or damaging of trees, bushes, or other plants and their parts.
    • No capturing or disturbing wildlife and destroying nests.
    • Do not damage the soil, bedrock or collect any minerals.

    Note that any scientific equipment, tools, bicycles, carriages etc you might encounter on the island are private property and must not be touched. Please respect the privacy of the maintenance staff and hotel guests when moving in inhabited areas.
    The Emergency Service will evaluate your situation and send either an ambulance or an helicopter with emergency personnel to pick you up. The helicopter, used in urgent cases, takes about 15 minutes to reach the hospital in Turku. In a less urgent situation the ambulance take about two hours.

    If there is no need for immediate attention, you can visit the closest health center by yourself. It can be found in Korpo village:

    Korpo hälsostation
    Tallbackavägen 4
    21710 Korpo
    +358(0)2 454 5222

    There is also a First Aid Kit in the apartment.

    For EU/EEA residents, please bring along your European Health Insurance Card as you are entitiled to free public healthcare services. You should present this card at the health center or hospital. For residents outside the EU/EEA we request you to have a Health Insurance covering any need for medical treatments during your residency period (otherwise you need to pay the hefty bill yourself).


    Renja Leino And Benkku Andersson founders of AARK residency
    ~ AARK is a non-profit, artist-run, independent association run by a small family team. We cooperate with local people and professional artists.
    ~ The residency was founded by the couple: contemporary artist Renja Leino and her husband  Bengt Andersson
    ~ Renja is the artistic director/coordinator for AARK.
    Would you like to support us?
    • Bank: Nauvon OP
    • Address: SOMMARTORGET 1, 21660 NAUVO, Finland
    • Account Number: FI40 5560 0920 0269 61

    Or write us an email to [email protected]

    Contact info
    Renja Leino
    Wepbage created by Ubuntu Productions (Korpo)
    Most of the pictures by Renja Leino  |  Drone and pictures of the studios by Ubuntu Productions (Korpo)