Brief description of residency program


We are looking for professional contemporary artists / art professionals from all disciplines for whom nature and the surrounding seaside could be an interesting theme to work on. We offer a space to think and time to develop a new idea – or to continue on a work in progress.

Our special area is the unique archipelago, with the National Parks and biosphere area; frozen seas, light summer nights, rich bird life as well as amazing star nights – this place has something to offer around the year: Outer archipelago or the nearby wild forrest lake, seaside straight outside AARK, passing ships.

AARK can offer a quiet retreat as well a more social setting – depending on the artist’s needs and other art professionals visiting. We organize a weekly informal meeting in the residency. Travel and working plans, questions, dinners and Sauna … or just having some coffee together.
Our location is by the ferry shore and a small boats dock so there is always some traffic and people around. But still, house and the archipelago can be very silent during winter months.

We encourage a dialog inside AARK, between both national and international quests and a dialog with local people and the environment.

Thousands of islands

There is an exhibition in the forest Barefoot Path focusing on site-specific and environmental art within walking distance from the residency and we are of course collaborating. This year we announced international Open Call together and got 50 application to participate with a new work to this years event theme Friction. Marco Dessardo, France and Shinobu Terada, Japan spent May at AARK creating new work! Great times for all of us.

Barefoot Path since 2012- about 35 artists so far.

lånad grönska A4
Greenery on Loan. A mirror installation by Renja Leino since 2012- (AARK founder & coordinator)
Arja-Maarit Puhakka
ÅSA 4 Sandra Nyberg Heini Nieminen10cm_3116 kopio
Elin&Keino: Sandra Nyberg & Heini Nieminen