2nd floor kitchen
alakerta keittiö
1st floor kitchen

AARK residency association has these seaside apartments in the house: 72m2 each with 2 bedrooms, one in South and the other in North. In the middle of the apartment there is live-work space and shared kitchen, wc/shower. Downstairs also a terrace.

AARK consists of  3 spaces: 2 identical apartments, 4 bedrooms. 2 kitchen 2 WC/shower, 2 live-work spaces +The new apartment: Large Single Studio space 56m2.

There is a sauna and laundry room in the same building. All windows has a sea view and you can see the Sea Route where cargo ships pass round the year as well you will see the yellow ferry 24/7. Also a ruff basement studio 30m2

AARK pohja 1189aark_4_liveworkspace

AARK 5 outside
There is archipelago nature around you and that means rocky shore, great swimming place by the house and also forest in the nearby surroundings.
A rough 30m2 warm space in the basement for what ever use.