Traversing the body as a dividing line | Ukraine Solidarity Residency Programme | Gallery Titanik | 20.9.–8.10.2023

Poster for Black Soil by Polina Choni

The exhibition Traversing the body as a dividing line spans many mediums, the human body can appear to be the central narrative, however, often humanness is used as a tool to highlight the nature of the landscape; social-political, emotional or environmental.

Exhibiting artists Alexandra Krolikowska, Anastasiia Sviridenko, Maria Kulikovska, Polina Choni, Sergii Shaulis and Stanislava Ovchinnikova have been part of the Ukraine Solidarity Residency Programme during 2023 organised by HIAP-Helsinki International Artist Programme.  Curators: Dana Neilson and Oleksandra Kokhan.

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Exhibition: Traversing the body as a dividing lineI

Place: Gallery Titanik, Turku

Date: 20.9.–8.10.2023

Polina Choni has been at AARK as a part of the Ukrainian Solidarity Residency Programme by HIAP

Polina Choni is a visual artist with a background in the fashion and film industry. She was born in Kyiv, Ukraine. She received her master’s degree from Kyiv National University of Technology and Design in 2017.  She works with the topics of environment, sustainability, and biodiversity. Nature is a source of inspiration and research for Polina, driving her exploration of the harmonious coexistence of humans with the environment. The main focus of her recent artworks is the ecological impact of the war in Ukraine. Her current practice reflects her commitment to raising awareness about ecocide consequences and advocating for a more sustainable future.

Source: Titanik website -

Image of Black Soil exhibition by Polina Choni on Art House in Turku

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