APPLICATIONS for 2017. AARK for Contemplation and Artistic Research by Archipelago Sea.



We are looking for artists and other art professionals from all disciplines for whom nature and the surrounding seaside could be an interesting area or theme to work on. We offer a space to think and time to develop a new idea - or to continue on a work in progress.

AARK Archipelago Art Residency in Korpo Finland
winter - spring - summer - autumn.
 DL 30.12.2016.

AARK is located right by the sea and the ferry shore, you can follow the Sea Way from our windows and from the yard. Our residency is surrounded by the unique archipelago nature, sea and a forest that you easily can reach by foot or by bicycle. The outer archipelago is also within reach, since AARK is located opposite the community ship harbour. see closer also

Duration of residency
We work on a full calendar basis so the residency period is 1-3 months and prefer longer stays. In winter even 2 weeks residency possible. Ask for more information.

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
For national and international Art Professionals in all disciplines

Accommodation and studio/ workspace
3 SPACES: 3 studios living rooms. Each apartment has own kitchen and wc /shower:

2 large Seaside Apartments a 72m2. Each has 2 bedrooms. Downstairs apartment has a terrace.

1 spacious Single Studio 3rd floor, 56m2 for one or a couple.

+  a 30m2 raw working space for whatever use in the basement.

Work equipment: Simple tools for wood, Tripods, Projector. Bicykles.

No specific assistance. Help and and support in the new environment of course as well free form discussions, dinners, and sauna. Weekly meeting when possible with all artists.

– Important: Please indicate if you are willing to share the apartment with a person of the opposite sex. Separate bedrooms.

Fees and support
Fee: 440€ a month in shared apartment paid by the artist. (The 2nd month 410€ ) Studio 3rd floor 510€/month + 150€ / each person

- Even a group can apply, 5-10 people.
- Artist families

A travel and liability insurance is obligatory!

Expectations towards the artist
We encourage a dialog inside the residency between both national and international quests and of course a dialog with local people and the environment. Depending on timing and season AARK might be full - or quite silent. Some independency is needed from our artists.

We expect some discussions about each artists work, a dialog inside the residency and voluntary open talks.  No obligatory new production ... most probaply collecting impressions for a new work.

Application information
Welcome with your application!

Contact: info at

 Renja Leino, visual artist, founder and director - will answer you soon.

Digital application with LOW RES materials: info (at) Selection procedure by a small team.

Please fill the application form (or just write the asked info in your application).

-  A short freely formulated working idea / a short motivation letter, why do you want to have a residency at AARK. Also, what do you wait from us?
www  (and/ or 5 low res. images 72dpi or light PDF of recent works, installation views)
CV including year of birth and gender, nationality and actual address.
-   Timetable, when do you wish to come?

info at

Size: 220 KB

Wepbage created by Ubuntu Productions (Korpo)
Most of the pictures by Renja Leino  |  Drone and pictures of the studios by Ubuntu Productions (Korpo)