Artists 2017


Ariel Cotton, US

Pom Bouvier_b, France

Mounia Steimer, Schwitzerland

Emily Coussins, UK

Jiro Ishihara, Japan


Eleanor Cepko, US

Laura Nevanperä, FIN, TUAS Arts Academy



Shinobu Terada, Japan

Marjolein Witte, Netherlands

Mari Miyamoto & Hisayoshi Miyamoto, FIN & Japan

Muu Kaapeli:
Galleria Aarni:



Kendra Bell, US

Jessie Imam, Australia


Phillip Buenger, Germany

Sea Heikes & doughter, US


Photographic Centre PERI:  Finland – France Residency Programme.

Mario Marzan & Roxana Perez-Mendez, Puerto Rico, US [1] and

Christian Kintz, Germany


September – October

Grace Ellen Wood, Australia ( cancelled, coming 2018)

Dan and Elin Snow, US

Dan Snow Stoneworks

Alisa Tanaka, Australia 2nd time at AARK.

Her second performative dinner  took place on her last evening at AARK with 10 local people particing. More to follow.


Aleksi Liimatainen, FIN. AARK grant for  1 month residency at AARK. He graduated from TUAS Arts Academy, Fine Arts.

Cydney Puro, US

Anna Domnic, Germany

Brian Cheung, AU



Artists 2016

Pom Bouvier-b, France.
Lucy Crowder, UK.
Nina Weyman, Germany.
Darla Murphy US/France.

FRICTION 2016 Barefoot Path – artists from Japan and France. Shinobu Terada and Marco Dessardo are both working on a new work during their residency in May. Forest Art Event will be open 1st June – 30th September 24/7 and
Marco Dessardo

Abigail Smithson, US
Missy Dunway US,                                                                                                                          Marjolein Witte, Nl

Dana Neilson, Can
Tuomo Savolainen & Dana Neilson Family & Eelis,  Fin
Christopher Luther US.
Robin Luther, US.
George Ramsay, UK
Claire Ducene, Belqium.
Simo Kellokumpu, Fin.
Vincent Roumagnac, France.
Hannah Eaton, UK.
Cat Lauigan & Matt Brownell, US
Sif Ankergård, Denmark/Norway.
Vivian Ross-Smith, Scotland.
Patti Lean, Scotland.


Artists 2015

Most visits has 1-3 months between April- Dec.

Viliina Koivisto, Fin.
Nina-Maria Oförsagd, Fin.
Melodie Reay, Canada/ US.
Lori Hepner, US.
Beata Szparagowska, Pol/Belgium.
Nanna Saarhelo, Fin.
Mark Nixon, UK.
Mark teoskuvaa_1654
Paul Corcoran; Ire/UK.
Susi Summ Suberbiene, Austria.
Laura Pakarinen, Fin.

Laura Pakarinen_AARK
Lilli Haapala, Fin.

Aurota borealis AARK Lilli Haapala
Anni Saijonkivi, Fin
Ikko Alaska, Fin
Tommi Vasko, Fin.
Katie Goodwin, UK.
Ville Kurki, Fin,
Sofia Molin, Fin,
Sophie Lannefranque, France
Hannaleena Hauru, Finland.
Anna Jaaniste, Australia.
Pom Bouvier-b, France.