Astrid Menzel's Award-winning documentary Blue Sky White Clouds at Kuvateatteri 7.3.2023

The German filmmaker and artist resident at AARK, Astrid Menzel, will screen her award-winning documentary Blue Sky White Clouds at Kuvateatteri (Turku Arts Academy - TUAS). After the screening, there will be time to hold an informal discussion with the artist. Don't miss it!

Information about the event:
Date: 7.3.2023
Time: 15.00 (3.00pm)
Place: Kuvateatteri (link)

Poster of Blue Sky White Clouds by Astrid Menzel
Poster of Blue Sky White Clouds by Astrid Menzel

Blue Sky White Clouds 2022, Director: Astrid Menzel, 91 min.

After her grandfather passes away, a granddaughter takes her Grandmother on a canoe trip to find out how to take care of the 86-year-old who suffers from dementia.

"Blue Sky White Clouds" is the documentary debut of Bremen-based director Astrid Menzel, who has already won numerous awards with her equally unsparing and sensitive short film "Unlike Today".
The successful world premiere of the documentary film "Blue Sky White Clouds, was celebrated at the renowned documentary film festival DOK Leipzig in Germany. The film won the "Young Eyes Film Award" and is currently nominated for the "Gesa-Rautenberg-Preis" at Filmfest Schleswig-Holstein and the Bremen Audience Award at Filmfest Bremen.

Menzels film debut tells a very personal story about the loss of the grandfather and the subsequent helplessness in the face of the grandmother's progressive dementia. The film accompanies the director and her brother in their act of defiance, wanting to counter their own lethargy with something active after the grandfather has died and the grandmother complains about her loneliness, hence a canoe trip through the North of Germany.

It is the director's personal perspective and the unsparing honesty in dealing with the question of what it really means to be there for a person suffering from dementia that makes this film unique. "Blue Sky White Clouds is a documentary feel-good movie with emotional depth that captivates with its charming protagonists; two infinitely patient grandchildren and a grandmother bursting with joy for life.


Gallery of stills from the film

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