Blue jello and other stuff

Following discolouring of fabrics and movement in jello have been our ways of submerging in to the slow retreat of AARK.

Rubuzak art collective makes experimental installations in which the materials are allowed to carry the process. The process is always set in motion by sensing and sensitising in space. Rubuzak’s works often contain elements or fragments from our previous art works. The ongoing process is a consultation between the changing parts; us artists, our materials, the places, and the art itself. In addition to ecological thinking, the reuse of materials is based on magical thinking, where the experiences of the material are taken into consideration and how they affect the future. Working together with another artist emphasizes the unity of ideas and the division of art. In Rubuzak’s work, we are usually unable to distinguish from whom or where an idea comes from. It’s liberating when things seem to happen on their own.

In AARK we focused on our project with colour blue, fluid materials and fabrics. We worked two ways, inside with cooking and steaming and outside with the sun and rain. We experimented colour blue with cyanotype, local seasonal herb wood sorrel (Oxalis acetosella) and Korpo Handel K-market´s merchandise like blue lemonade and frozen blueberries that we used in making an anthotype.

We both studied Fine Arts in Turku University of Applied Sciences Arts Academy and graduated in 2020. In addition to our own final works we made a final work by Rubuzak which was granted with one month residency in AARK by Sparbanksstiftelsen i Korpo.  We are very pleased and happy for this attention and the opportunity for intensive working together and creating something new. Thank you for the grant!

Wepbage created by Ubuntu Productions (Korpo)
Most of the pictures by Renja Leino  |  Drone and pictures of the studios by Ubuntu Productions (Korpo)