Great start for AARK

Indeed this is a great start for AARK. We got several applications from USA, UK, Italy, Palestine, Australia, Finland, Ireland, Belgium, Poland, Italy...Thank you all who applied  - we are going to contact you very soon again, hopefully next week. 

We have got essential support autumn 2014 from Pargas City and Swedish Cultural Foundation /Svenska kulturfonden to start up this residency in our archipelago. We also want to thank all  local people for your fantastic attitude and enthusiasm - even welcoming presents and thank you also for different kitchen stuff! Thank you gollegues and friends for caring and sharing all this. We certainly need your support in the future!

Very best regards,

Renja & Benkku


Wepbage created by Ubuntu Productions (Korpo)
Most of the pictures by Renja Leino  |  Drone and pictures of the studios by Ubuntu Productions (Korpo)