Inhabit = Habit

Marjolein Witte
Marjolein Witte (NL 1979) is a painter and installation artist. She lives and works in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Wittes works stem from an interest in framing space and applying rules to our environment. Territorial behaviour and the relationship between man and nature are recurring themes in Witte’s oeuvre. She explores our self-constructed reality through architecture, spatial planning and all kinds of forms with which we lead ourselves through the world. Within the different media Witte uses the value of colour, shape, contrast, size and space as a symbolic act.
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My fist time in AARK

The residency period was a time where I developed new ideas and works with which I am still working now...

My first time at AARK was in 2016. I went for two months, July and August. It was my first time in Finland and I drove there with my car from Holland, via Denmark and Sweden. I had to go by boat from Stockholm to Turku. Taking my car was a good thing, because I was mobile on the island and I could take lots of materials and tools with me. I have many good memories of these two months meeting Renja, Benkku and Rippe, all other artists, having the potlucks in the evening, cooking together (Voileipäkakku and snakes on rocks :P) talking about our projects, going on moose patrols (moose spotting).

The residency period was a time where I developed new ideas and works with which I am still working now. It lead to the series 'New Constructivism'. A series of nine small paintings about human built structures in relation to nature. After this I made two more series 'New Constructivism Part Two' and 'The Hedges'. Now, I am using the forms and colors from these series in murals. In Korpo I also started with the construction of wooden models for bigger works in public space.

Back to AARK for an art installation in Barefoot Path

In 2017 I was invited back to Korpo and AARK to make work for the Barefoot path (Barfotastigen). There I could work out my sculptural ideas. For the exhibition I made three works: Inhabit = Habit, a wooden open structure, based on different architectural elements of Finland like the Sami tents (lavvu or kota), loghouses and sheds built on stones. Control 7 and Control 8 are wooden constructions that enclose natural elements (stone, tree).

You can see Control 8 on Barefoot Path's Webpage: here

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Wepbage created by Ubuntu Productions (Korpo)
Most of the pictures by Renja Leino  |  Drone and pictures of the studios by Ubuntu Productions (Korpo)