Karsten Kronas

Karsten Kronas
Karsten Kronas was born in 1978 in Wiesbaden Germany. Before his studies, he worked for two years as an assistant for a photo designer in Heidelberg. From 2003 - 2008 he studied at the University for Applied Sciences in Bielefeld and at the Marmara University in Istanbul. He then realized various freelance long-term photographic projects before completing his master's degree at Bielefeld University from 2016-2023.
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For a little over three weeks now I have been able to pursue my personal photographic experiments here at AARK. It is a continuation of the work discussed in my master's thesis, which consciously moves on the borders of the photographic image. They are laboratory experiments, developed from moments when light, the chemical process of development, dominated what was depicted.

For this purpose, I took a small photo laboratory and certain materials from my studio in Bielefeld with me to Finland. My goal was not to produce the “perfect” image, but rather to work with the possibilities in a “natural” location.

A photograph features a large white central area surrounded by dark, blue, and red hues, resembling a partially developed or abstract image.

Every day I can observe an increasingly complex life in society - the connections are becoming more and more stark, the predictability of events is becoming more and more difficult to calculate - so what - maybe it doesn't matter to know what could happen tomorrow, but our modern life is not quite like that aligned.

In order to maintain contact with nature in my work, I use the materials of analogue photography. Temperature, amount of light, and liquid essences are the foundation. This triptych determines my path and I like to be guided by it - and I also like to be surprised again and again. When the water from the Baltic Sea, which I was allowed to use for my work, has evaporated - a tablet-sized piece of elements will remain. This will be part of the work created on Korpo.

I am very grateful to Renja and Benkku for this opportunity to work here, but also a big thank you goes to my family for having my back!

Work by Karsten Kronas
Work by Karsten Kronas
Work by Karsten Kronas
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