Open Call 2019 DL 20.1.

OPEN CALL for 2019 residencies!

For National and International Art Professionals.                                                  

DL 20.1.2019.

Focus on your own artistic practice in the middle of the unique Archipelago Nature!

2nd floor studio apartment, sea view.

We are looking for art professionals from all disciplines for whom the surrounding Archipelago Nature, island life, the seaside and forest could be an interesting area to contemplate, to research or a theme to work on. We encourage a dialog inside the residency and a dialog with local people, and the environment. You can apply a space for 1-3 months. We might even accept shorter visits depending on timing. We offer you time to think and time to focus on your own artistic practice, to develop a new idea - or to continue on a work in progress.

renja leino:

AARK yard by the sea and ferry.

AARK is located right by the ferry shore, you can follow the Sea Way from windows and from the yard. Our special area is the unique archipelago with thousands of islands, forest and Archipelago National Park, fresh air and clear sky, stars, perhaps sea gets frozen. Darkness and silence in the winter… light summer nights, rich bird life as well swimming. We have a traditional sauna in the house.

renja leino:

Map over our archipelago area... Korpo is one of the islands.

However, this idyllic setting also has some heavy issues: we are concerned of the state of our Archipelago Sea. There is less fish than ever before, population is decreasing and services are being cut. Against all odds we want to keep our island and archipelago alive all year round!  We have a good grocery store, cafes and bakery on the island and several restaurants. We have some professional artist living in nearby and cooperate and have informal meetings.

We believe that artists in a new environment see things in a different light and can possibly find new aspects on our everyday environment. We welcome a discussion. We encourage a dialog inside the residency AARK and a dialog with local people and the environment.

We live on an island so some independency is needed. The ferry and the bus goes in front of the house. We have bikes and a car for shorter trips.

Open Studio can be arranged or other public presentations.

Yellow kitchen 2nd floor seaside apartment.


renja leino:

Application: [email protected] 

Artist and director Renja Leino shall answer you asap.

We work on a full calender months 1st to last day of the month. We prefer longer stays but even 2 weeks are possible depending on timing.

A brief, freely formulated working idea / motivation letter.

Your WWW or Low Res PDF of recent works, exhibitions views.

CV /BIO  (incl. nationality, year of birth, gender,  home adress)

– TIMETABLE: when do you wish to come? We usually work on a full calendar month basis 1-3 months. We might accept shorter visits, 2 weeks,  specially outside summer season May-Aug.



AARK has 3 studio apartments all with wireless internet and kitchens/ wc/showers. Easily suitable for individual working or  duo or a group.

2x Seaside apartments are 72m2 with 2 separate bedrooms, shared kitchen and living room/studio.

1x Single Studio space, kitchen shower/wc. Its airy 54m2 that is perfect for a more private studio bedroom and living space 3rd floor. Windows to North and West.

30m2 ruff Studio space for whatever use in the basement, no window.

Important: In Shared apartment for 2 artists there are 2 bedrooms. Please indicate if you are willing to share the apartment with persons of the opposite sex.

FEE paid by the artist:

490€ /month / person paid by the artist in the shared apartment.

590€ Single Studio +150€.


Artist families are welcome!

Children are welcome.

Visitors only by agreement and only short visits. Fee.

A travel and liability insurance is obligatory.

& Instagram: #aarkfi



Wepbage created by Ubuntu Productions (Korpo)
Most of the pictures by Renja Leino  |  Drone and pictures of the studios by Ubuntu Productions (Korpo)