Open Call 2022 Islands Sea

Our sea view

Open Call for art professionals from all disciplines
2022 Islands Sea

First DL 30.11.2021
Welcome to apply for 1 - 12 months residency!
Even shorter visits possible depending on timing.
We are looking for Art Professionals artists / researchers from all disciplines for whom the archipelago nature and the surrounding seaside could be an interesting area to contemplate or a theme to work on. We can offer time for thinking and for experiments without a pressure to produce a new work. Artistic process needs often time to develop. Longer stay offers time to make deeper connections even with our local community.
Mark clearly how long stay you apply 1-12 months.
NEW: 1 year residency "Four Seasons"
Longer residency gives a great possibility to live on the island and experience the change in nature: light summer months towards quiet dark winter and then towards lighter times again!
We encourage a dialog between the visiting artists, both national and international quests and a dialog with local people and the environment.
Our special area is the unique archipelago nature, with the nearby Archipelago National Park and biosphere area. We have light summer nights May-July. Autumn deep darkness, star nights and possibly ice at winter time often Feb-March and frozen sea when a heavy winter – AARK has something specific with nature around the year. Our location is by the seaside and nearby forest.
Our residency can offer a quiet retreat as well a more social setting – depending on the artists needs and other art professionals visiting.
SPACE. Apartment house is from end of 1950´s. The house is a former ferry staff family house and almost all house is for artist residency use. 
AARK residency has 5 studio apartments each with bedroom, private kitchen, shower/wc. Also a ruff basement studio 30m2 for what ever use.
Sea Studio Sea Studio 72m2 apartment w 2 separate bedrooms, living room studio. Suitable for 1- 2 artists to share or a family.
Sailor`s Studio Sailor´s Studio 54m2 is a light new space with a sea view and over our neighbour Korpo Marina with small boats area / yard. 54m2. Bedroom and open space livingroom studio.
Single Studio is airy 54m2. Kitchen, open bedroom, toilet / shower. For 1-2 or a family. Open space livingroom studio. Forrest Sea view.
Retro Studio, private 54m2 with kitchen, toilet/shower and separate bedroom. Living room as studio. View to the yard and over the road to Korpo Marina, some sea.
Terrace Studio is mostly for meetings, artist talks etc but can even be used for shorter visits.
We co operate with local art scene and with Barefoot Path, an exhibition focusing on site-specific and environmental art within walking distance 2km from the residency,
We have a small forest area and our yard for outdoor time, and experiment and for activities.
Ruff basement space studio 30m2 for what ever use. Has also been used like a experimental gallery space when Open Studio.
Sauna is in the house. Swimming possibility in the sea.
Residency Program since 2015
Open Studios and happenings shall be arranged when possible due pandemic times.
We follow all regulations and demand 2 vaccinations.
Ferry with Moon night Ferry between Nagu - Korpo islands 

Wepbage created by Ubuntu Productions (Korpo)
Most of the pictures by Renja Leino  |  Drone and pictures of the studios by Ubuntu Productions (Korpo)