Subject and object

Jaakko Autio
I’m a sound artist and sound designer. I have worked with theatre, film and installations since 2003. Art and spiritual practice (Meditation and yoga) have walked side by side for a long time in my life. My words are dualistic: Spirituality and matter, connection and separation are positioned as opposing forces in my artistic work: I rub and collide opposite forced together to accumulate new experiential knowledge.

My question is: what does it feel like to be alive, what does it feel like to connect with another, what kind of experiential heavens are hidden in our grasp? For a long time, I thought my understanding of sound was deeper than with most people, until it was time to wake up and realize that the collective understanding of sound is equally true.


The sea does not surrender as object. I spent a week in Korpo, AARK residence. The sea has been my artistic research subject. The sea invites you to the beach and to the very border, where the water and the stones gently rub against each other. The sea is by no means a distant friend. Last summer, the sea ate my phone, with lead my to retreat the social media for some time. Apparently, the sea has not changed its ways. Once again the sea took his son in close embrace and gave me a wet kiss.


Meri ei antaudu objektiksi. Olen viettänyt viikon Korppoossa, Aark-residenssissä. Täällä on mahtava energia! Meri on ollut tutkimuskohteenani. Meri kutsuu rannalle ja ihan siihen rajalle, jossa vesi ja kivet hankaavat toisiaan. Meri ei ole mitenkään etäinen ystävä. Viime kesänä meri söi minulta puhelimen, jonka myötä päädyin jatkamaan taiteellista työskentelyäni JA some-paastoa. Meri ei ole muuttanut tapojaan. Jälleen meri otti poikansa läheiseen märkään syleilyyn. Kiitos Renja ja Benkku vieraanvaraisuudesta, ja kutsusta käyttämään tätä tilaa.

Video and sound by Jaakko Autio. Recorded at AARK Archipelago Art Residency in Korppoo, Finland. 10.11.2020. Camera: Sony Rx100IV
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Wepbage created by Ubuntu Productions (Korpo)
Most of the pictures by Renja Leino  |  Drone and pictures of the studios by Ubuntu Productions (Korpo)