October 2017
Photographer Cydney Puro

Cydney has already been a week at AARK! Great.

September 2017
Alisa Tanaka is Back at AARK!

We are very pleased for her 2nd visit! Alisa is staying a month in Korpo... She is from Melbourne in Australia. Tonight, very soon she shall host a dinner with a specific theme. Looking forward!    

September 2017
Dan Snow is giving an artist talk at the Library on Tuesday. WELCOME!

September 2017
Dan Snow at AARK in September!

Dan Snow & Elin Waagen has already been at AARK from 1st of September. Dan Snow Stoneworks #dansnowartworks  

August 2017
Konstrundan 19. - 20.8. at 11-17 Välkomna! Skärgårdsvägen 5891 mellan 11-17 lö-sö. Tervetuloa! Saaristotie 5891. Avoinna klo 11-17 la-su. Welcome to visit us! #aarkfi The Wild by Renja Leino 2013      

August 2017
Open Call 2018 Jan-Dec

AARK 2018 Open Call Stll places for autumn from Oct -2017. Email: info at photo By Lilli Haapala, Oct 2015

August 2017
August Artists Welcome!

AARK August New Artists arrived: Maia Flore, Christian F. Kintz, Judith Amsallem, Roxana Perez-Mendez & Mario Marzan and Philipp Buenger - since June, today last day. We also saw a ship passing :D    

July 2017
July artists!

Sea Heikes with her doughter, US   Philipp Buenger from Berlin, Germany          

June 2017
Artists in June are from Australia and US

Jessie & Kendra & evening boat trip... Its midsummer week and light almost around a clock. Jessie Imam is an Australian artist working with photography, the moving image and installation to create works centred around themes of embodiment and the female perspective. While at AARK, Imam hopes to use the borders and boundaries of the […]

May 2017
Artists in May

First evening:  Snow & Wind... in May! Mari Miyamoto Fin / Japan Mari has right now 2 Solo Shows in Helsinki:  Gallery MUU Kaapeli and Gallery AARNI. Hisayoshi Miyamoto, Japan Shinobu Terada, Japan. 2nd time at AARK. He participated Barefoot Path last year with this installation, material was bandage.   Marjolein Witte, Netherlands. 2016 she spent 2 months on Korpo, at […]

March 2017
Artists in March!

Eleanor Cepko, US Laura Nevanperä, Fin

February 2017
AARK February Artists from London and Tokyo leaving back home...

Emily Coussins, London, UK Jiro Ishihara, Tokyo, Japan Safe journey back home and Welcome Back!   Here is a sea view by our residency. More images in FB, follow us there!        

January 2017
Archipelago Soundscape by Pom Bouvier b.

POM: I am a composer of electroaucustic music. I use landscape recordings, objects and Instruments I build myself. Also electronic syntheziser. I am playing live of experimental music. My main research is about Time. I am at AARK residency for 2nd time and I propose an intimist experimental consert of some sounds of archipelago and of […]

January 2017
January artists, Welcome!

New artists for January - Feb WELCOME to Korpo: Pom Bouvier-b, FRA Ariel Cotton, US                                                                                                         Mounia Steimer, SUI Also photography students from TUAS Arts Academy, Fine Arts: Juuli, Noora, Sara, Madelein      

January 2017
New Year has started with snow!

  ... so 2017 seems lighter ... We wish you all a happy new year! Renja & Benkku

Wepbage created by Ubuntu Productions (Korpo)
Most of the pictures by Renja Leino  |  Drone and pictures of the studios by Ubuntu Productions (Korpo)