August 2018
August Artists Welcome!

WELCOME to AARK in August! Hannah Gatland, Australia Stephanie Tudor, UK Lilli Haapala, FIN, Paul J Woods, US  continues since June, for 3 months

July 2018
Artists in July are here, welcome!

Niklas Feinik, FIN. Niklas got 1 month  AARK residency grant when he graduated from TUAS Arts Academy Fine Arts. We gratulate! Paul J Woods, US, since June for 3 months. Shannon Toth, Australia, 1 month. Marija Tiurina, UK, 1 month. Emma York, UK  from 16.7. -  

June 2018
Artist in June, welcome!

Paul J Woods, US for 3 months. Deanna Fogstrom, CAN, 1 month Redd Walitzki, US, since May 2 months at AARK. Marco Dessardo Marco was revisiting AARK to plan an artwork for 2019 exhibition in Korpoström Archipelago Centre. We are looking forward to see this sculpture in 2019! Marco Dessardo is part […]

May 2018
Artists in May WELCOME!

Artists in May Ellery Royston, US, Adam Bach, US, Redd Walitzki, US, AARK for 2 months Nicole Banowetz, US, Invited artis for Barefoot Path 2018, cur by artist Sandra Nyberg.  

March 2018
Welcome to AARK Clement Beraud for March!

Clement Beraud, FRA/Fin

January 2018
Open Call DL 10.2.

Working & Thinking... surrounded by the rural Archipelago Nature. AARK - a space to think and time to develop something new! Voluntary Open Studio and Artist Talks. We are looking for professional contemporary artists / art professionals from all disciplines for whom nature and the surrounding seaside could be an interesting area to research or […]

January 2018
Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2018, Friends!    With Love  from Korpo Finland. Hope to see you all soon again!!! Renja & Benkku

December 2017
Merry Christmas from AARK Finland!
December 2017
Brian Cheung, AU, welcome to AARK for 3 months!
November 2017
Lux Archipelago

Some Island Trees Silver Sails Work done by Renja Leino & Benkku.

November 2017
Photography artist Anna Domnick

Anna Domnick, Germany, is working with photography and she is staying at AARK all November. Welcome Anna!    

October 2017
Today Opening at The Finnish Museum of Photography ABSTRAKT!

The Abstract! exhibition, to open at the Finnish Museum of Photography in November 2017, will celebrate the hundred-year history of photographic abstraction. The exhibition will present a large number of Finnish artists from different periods, and the famous international early abstractionists László Moholy-Nagy, Man Ray, and August Strindberg. The exhibition is on view November 1st, 2017 – January 14th, 2018. The […]

October 2017
Aleksi Liimatainen right now visiting Utö Impilinna.

Under the stars at AARK! Alisa Tanakaking AU already in Chile... Cydney Puro already on her way back to US ... Aleksi Liimatainen is still at AARK, right now visiting outer archipelago and Island of Utö. About 16 seconds of life. Cydney, Aleksi and Alisa, her last evening in Korpo AARK -for this time...!

October 2017
Photographer Cydney Puro

Cydney has already been a week at AARK! Great.

September 2017
Alisa Tanaka is Back at AARK!

We are very pleased for her 2nd visit! Alisa is staying a month in Korpo... She is from Melbourne in Australia. Tonight, very soon she shall host a dinner with a specific theme. Looking forward!    

Wepbage created by Ubuntu Productions (Korpo)
Most of the pictures by Renja Leino  |  Drone and pictures of the studios by Ubuntu Productions (Korpo)